MAGNETISM is a full dome planetarium show that demonstrates how the Earth's magnetic field protects our planet from energetic particles from the Sun and galaxy, and how the magnetic field also protects the water in our atmosphere from being swept away by the solar wind. It shows the first aurora seen simultaneously from the ground and from the ISS, and tells about the MMS mission (Magnetospheric Multiscale) and its quest to understand the magnetic connection between the Earth and the Sun.

    MAGNETISM is a familiar word for a very misunderstood force – a force that is critical for life on Earth, for identifying dangers threatening technology, and for understanding the behavior of matter in the cosmos. Magnetism is everywhere: from magnetic fields surrounding nearby worlds to the red auroras on a distant brown dwarf; from magnetic field recombination causing Earth’s auroras to the navigation of animals and humans around the globe; and from maintaining Earth’s atmosphere to shielding Earth’s surface from cosmic rays and the solar wind. Most often heard comments from show audiences are “wow”, “beautiful” and “I learned a lot”.

    MAGNETISM is produced in collaboration with the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Rice University, and Evans & Sutherland.

    DISTRIBUTION for large planetariums will be done by Evans and Sutherland; for small planetariums is being distributed by ePlanetarium . Small flatscreen versions may be downloaded for free non-commercial educational use.

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